About Us

ALPHA-CAT believes that the most important criteria for medical cannabis are the potency, stability and safety for patients use. We assist patients, doctors, dispensaries, cooperatives, collectives and growers in cannabis quality control & certification standard. We are an experienced company in Europe offering to test for potency, screening for safety and quality certification standard for legal cannabis production.

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Mobile Test Kit

ALPHA-CAT offers a mobile, simple, affordable and efficient way to test a cannabis product and measure the potency of cannabinoids. Everyone can use ALPHA-CAT : no scientific background or specific knowledge is required for correct analysis and results.


Cannabis Test Center

ALPHA-CAT creates testing laboratories in Europe to provide high quality and accurate cannabis potency testing and safety screening for the medicinal cannabis community.

Quality Certification Standard

Alpha-cat has created a quality certification standard for cannabis products and assists dispensaries, cooperatives, collectives and growers from all over the world.


ALPHA-CAT believes that it is imperative to introduce a high-quality system for better production and usage of medical cannabis. There is currently an exponential growth in interest for medical cannabis from patients, doctors, industrial concerns and governments. Many countries have allowed cannabis for medicinal use but most of them have a lack of quality control. The re-introduction of cannabis as a medicine necessitates the introduction of a quality and safety-control management system.

So far cannabis has been used therapeutically for its THC content and we are only just starting to study and discover the benefits of CBD. However many other cannabinoids also have potential medicinal value. Which cannabinoids are present? How to titrate the dosage? How to produce a stable, reliable and consistent product? What are the therapeutic differences between various strains of cannabis? What are their precise concentrations?

ALPHA-CAT addresses all of these issues by providing potency testing, safety screening and quality certification standards for legal cannabis production. Our goal is to understand mechanisms inside the plant that determine the levels of the active constituents (genetics, terpenoids, cannabinoids…) for better medical application. With our research, we want to define and categorise plants and cannabis products according to their medicinal values and create quality production standards for consistent, stable and effective medical cannabis products. We want to help doctors to ascertain the most suitable treatments for their patients’ conditions. Click for more info about medical cannabis.

Founder of ALPHA-CAT

Sebastien Beguerie in a Greenhouse
Sébastien Béguerie

Sébastien Béguerie holds a masters degree in Plant Science with a specialisation in plant physiology and medical cannabis. Sébastien has performed hundreds of controlled laboratory tests on cannabis and worked with the leading medical cannabis companies in the world. He is a medical cannabis scientist expert with 7 years of experience in cannabis production optimisation and quality control.

Born in Marseille, France, in 2007 Sébastien first became interested in the science of cannabis in Italy at the cannabis department of Prof. Giampaolo Grassi, part of the Italian governmental Agriculture Research Institute, ISCI Rovigo. After this, he gained the sponsorship of Bedrocan BV to study at Wageningen University Research (WUR), in the Netherlands where he obtained his MSc.degree in Plant Sciences specialising in Horticulture and Plant Physiology. In 2010 he presented a poster (i.e. an article in graphic form with text abbreviation presenting key findings with bullet points and graphics) on clonal propagation of pharmaceutical cannabis during the 28th International Horticultural Congress in Lisbon. To see the poster, Click here. He is the co-founder and coordinator of the Union Francophone of Cannabinoids as Medicine (UFCM), created in 2009.


ALPHA-CAT’s research team is looking forward to assisting you with scientific and technical support regarding questions and scientific projects for cannabinoid-based medicine. For any questions about ALPHA-CAT please feel free to contact us!