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Over the past 10 years, the Cannabis industry has been moving very fast; from underground initiatives to legitimate and effective companies, NGO, and the like. It has created a billion-dollar industry with millions of Cannabis users, for medical and recreational purposes around the world.

As a scientist involved in the grassroots movement since 2006, I have seen Cannabis hobbyists becoming experts, to an extent where they become the knowledgeable advisors in their local Cannabis communities, bridging the gap between professionals and enthusiasts. In this manner, Cannabis users are becoming experts themselves in understanding their relation to their Cannabis consumption in looking for different effects and varying ways to evolve to a healthier living style. In addition, we have now in dispensaries amazing high grade product, obtained using the most advanced laboratory analysis and extraction techniques. In that respect, we are now entering in a new Cannabis paradigm, with an increased connoisseur demand of Cannabis derivate (Honey oil, E-liquid, Edibles, et caetera…).

It is the revival of Cannabis Herbalism, as was in the 19th century with ‘Le Club des Hashichins’ in Paris – meaning, the optimization of herbal Cannabis consumption to release its full potential.  This is why, I want Alpha-cat to help to guarantee quality product for the best appreciation, effect and experience of today’s finest herbal product. This implies not only knowing the cannabinoids and terpenes content in your herb, but also to know which is the optimal manner to medicate or/and enjoy them. In that respect, the best utensils/paraphernalia available are an absolute requirement. Unfortunately, these highly demanded devices lack recognized, standardized labeling, which really is crucial to fully experience the Cannabis flower or its byproducts.  Without practical instructions and safety recommendations, which often mislead or confuse a responsible Cannabis herbalist in making the proper choice for the need of ingestion.

Everyone has the right to know the standards they need for their product, because of consumer safety and the extreme temperature resistance needed to balance Cannabis herb combustion or inhalation (which represents 90% of the population in the Cannabis community).

Therefore, at Alpha-cat, we want to bring the safest, highest quality and innovative products to all herbalists who either medicate and/or enjoy the Cannabis alchemy whether they are trekking in nature, dancing in a festival, or relaxing at home.

Our vision is to increase awareness in using cannabis and responsibly assist Herbal Natural Cannabis consumption to combine harm reduction with full pleasure.

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