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Capital ‘C’ for Cannabis as a botanical name

The Alpha-CAT team lead by Sebastien recently went to the 13th annual European Industrial Hemp Association, which took place in Cologne, Germany.  The conference not only included participants from European nations, but also Cannabis industry representatives from every other continent, except Antarctica.  There was a total of 320 participants from 42 countries. The number is […]

ALPHA-CAT Necessary Evolution

Over the past 10 years, the Cannabis industry has been moving very fast; from underground initiatives to legitimate and effective companies, NGO, and the like. It has created a billion-dollar industry with millions of Cannabis users, for medical and recreational purposes around the world. As a scientist involved in the grassroots movement since 2006, I […]

Introduction to Cannabinoids

Cannabinoids and the Endocannabinoid System   A little piece of history In 1964 Raphael Mechoulam and Yechiel Gaoni opened a new perspective to marijuana, publishing the structure of Tetrahydrocannabiol (THC). After this, researchers as well as consumers of marijuana start to be more interested in microstructure of cannabis and its influence on our body. In the mid-1980s chemist found […]

Sébastien Béguerie Interview in “Magazín Legalizace” #33

Give thanks to “Magazín Legalizace”  (The First Czech Magazine for Cannabis Culture) for interviewing Sébastien, CEO and Founder of alpha-CAT. The magazine even named him one of the International Important Figures of Legalization Movement! Here is the english version of the interview, otherwise for Czech speakers, you can find the two full page interview in the […]

Cannabinoid Masters Tournament

Cannabinoid Masters Tournament

Alpha-CAT, the leading mobile cannabis analytics test, has launched for Spannabis 2014 the Cannabinoid Masters Tournament, the world’s first cannabis competition based on a scientific approach. For 3 days, Alpha-CAT was offering free cannabis testing and information about quality control Stand 72. The Cannabinoid Masters Tournament is the world’s first cannabis competition based on a […]

Alpha-CAT sponsors the 2013 International Conference for Cannabinoid Medicines in France

Alpha-CAT was the sponsor of the Conference on Medicinal Cannabis 2013 which was held in Strasbourg, France at the faculty of medicine. Organised by both Action Sida Ville and UFCM (Union Francophone pour les Cannabinoides en Médecine), the conference focused on recent pharmacological developments and the therapeutic uses of cannabinoids.