Alpha-cat & CANNAhabla magazine !

We had the oppotunity to share our vision about the relation between our work and cannabis industry/community, with the famous Spanish magazine CANNAhabla.

Alpha-cat in June!

Alpha-Cat in 3 Capital Cities! June was an active time for our Alpha-Cat Crew! We have started the month in Warsaw with a presence at ‘Targ Konopny’.

Alpha-cat in Poland !

The recognized European standard has finally arrived to Poland!   MILLION MARIJUANA MARCH - KRAKOW We have launched our products on the Polish market and we have taken part in…

Top 15 Ways to Consume Marijuana

Smoke it, vaporize it, eat it, drink it, rub it on your skin. See 15 different ways to consume marijuana. Which have you tried? And which is your favorite?

Cannabis conference in Berlin: ICBC 2017

  Famous personality of cannabis culture Tommy Chong. One of the conference guests | Source: ICBC Germany is not only one of the most powerful economic players in Europe, it is also…

Welcome to Spannabis Champions Cup 2017!

10th of the March 2017. The very first day of Spannabis fair is dedicated to special event XII Spannabis Champions Cup. Alpha-cat is proud sponsor, so we're glad to bring you…

Weedmaps SK8/SURF TOUR 2017

  Alpha-cat is proud sponsor of the Weedmaps SK8/Surf Tour - 1st international cannabis action sport tour in Europe (held in Portugal/Spain from 2nd - 13th of March). You can follow this event…