Cannabinoid Masters Tournament

Cannabinoid Masters Tournament

Cannabinoid Masters Tournament

AlphaCAT, the leading mobile cannabis analytics test, has launched for Spannabis 2014 the Cannabinoid Masters Tournament, the world’s first cannabis competition based on a scientific approach. For 3 days, AlphaCAT was offering free cannabis testing and information about quality control Stand 72.

The Cannabinoid Masters Tournament is the world’s first cannabis competition based on a scientific approach: AlphaCAT analyzes cannabis samples to discover their cannabinoid profile and elects the THC & CBD Masters. The Masters are the strains with the highest rate of THC and CBD in 4 categories:

– CBD Master “All Category”
– THC Master “Cannabis Flores”
– THC Master “Resin”
– THC Master “Extract”

With 50 participants, our first edition has been a great success thanks to the quality of the competitors. You will find below the results. Please note that the THC & CBD rates are dependant of the strain and the sample. Strain rate is also dependant on the environmental conditions under which it grows.

CBD Masters
1º CBD Seeds – One to One – 14% CBD
2º Philosophers Seeds – Super Juani #5 – 8,5% CBD
3º La Castellane – Le Bon – 8% CBD

Average all participants with CBD: 8,8%

THC Masters – Flores
1º Philosopher Seeds – SSSDH – 25,5% THC
2º Philosopher Seeds – MK Lavender – 23% THC
3º DNA Genetics – Skywalker OG – 22,5% THC

Average all participants Flores category: 17,5%

THC Masters – Resin
1º La Castellane – Le Bon – 36% THC
2º Cannabica Club – Amnesia Ice – 18,5% THC
3º Private participant – 16% THC

Average all participants resin category: 26%

THC Masters – Extraction
1º Green House Moon Rocks White Widow – 56.0% THC
2º DNA Genetics – Holy Grail – 55.0% THC
3º Green House – Amber Glass White Widow – 54.0% THC

Average all participants extraction category: 54,2%