CANNAFEST 2015 : Back on the Alpha-cat stand & events

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Cannafest 2015 was a success.

First and foremost, we would like to say a big ‘THANK YOU‘ to all the visitors of this years Cannafest for making it such a great event. We had an amazing response at the Alpha-cat stand, with people from all over the world, keen to know more about Cannabinoid testing and our products.

It was great to meet a wide variety of people from the industry, from hemp farmers & processors, to patients and medicinal cannabis researchers.

It’s good that testing for Cannabinoids is being implicated more and more, therefore, Alpha-cat can be useful in many aspects, to people involved in the hemp & cannabis industry. We are glad to help as much as we can, to assist people who want to work within the law and abide by the strict and ever changing regulations.

The Alpha-cat Team Cannafest 2015
The Alpha-cat team for this Years Cannafest
Alpha-cat Booth
Visitors were numerous and interested

The Smiling team taking care of the people
The Smiling team taking care of the people
Some Fun @ the Alpha-cat Booth
Visitors receiving cannabinoids education

Alpha-cat friends and special visitors :

Pascal Perez AKA Imhotep
Music producer & Seb’s friend from Marseille, Imhotep offered his last album to the team.
With Lumír Hanuš who first described the structure of anandamide, an endogenous cannabinoid neurotransmitter.
With Lumír Hanuš, who first described the structure of anandamide in 1992

Cannabinoids Testing live on the main stage

In addition to having performed a series of tests at our booth for various exhibitors, Sébastien made a demonstration of the Alpha-cat test procedure on the main stage at Cannafest.

Seb showing an  Alpha-cat testing session at the booth Alpha-cat on the Cannafest main stage The audience, hope you all paid attention!
Live demo on stage The audience is listening Testing results

We enjoyed meeting and chatting with all of you, we had some amazing and interesting people to talk to! It helped us a lot, feedback is great for improving Alpha-cat. Hopefully, we answered all your questions.

Conference : Sébastien Béguerie presentation

Sébastien Béguerie, Alpha-cat Founder & CEO, did a presentation on Sunday, called “Cannabinoid and Harm Reduction among cannabis users” during the conference.

Seb is happy
Seb’s pitch “Cannabinoid and Harm Reduction among Cannabis users”
Cannabis and Harm reduction among cannabis user
The Conference

Interested and interesting peeps
Interested and interesting peeps
People seems to like it
People seem to appreciate it

A lot of people were interested in this presentation. Sebastien has published it on his LinkedIn via Slideshare. Feel free to download, share and spread the message:

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Alpha-cat Cannafest 2015
See you Next Year?

The α-CAT Team

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