Capital ‘C’ for Cannabis as a botanical name

The Alpha-CAT team lead by Sebastien recently went to the 13th annual European Industrial Hemp Association, which took place in Cologne, Germany.  The conference not only included participants from European nations, but also Cannabis industry representatives from every other continent, except Antarctica.  There was a total of 320 participants from 42 countries.

The number is increasing exponentially year after year showing the growth interest of Hemp potentials, worldwide! Particularly notable was of a presentation on the Chinese hemp industry and the presence of a large Japanese delegation who had representatives ranging from the University of Tokyo to the Hokkaido Industrial Hemp Association (HIHA) from the Hokkaido agriculture department.

The HIHA reported on hemp cultivation in Hokkaido, the second largest and northernmost island of Japan where Cannabis sativa L. grows wild.  In their report, they detailed use of the alpha-CAT testing kits as the method used to gain Japan government approval to HIHA for the cultivation of Hokkaido native strain.

Thus, alpha-CAT kits have now been used as a valid, semi-quantitative standard of measurement to aid hemp cultivators in government approval of Cannabis cultivation.

Figure 1: Report published in 2015 from the Hokkaido Industrial Hemp Association (HIHA) on its native cultivation and industrial uses
Hokkaido Report
Figure 2: Sebastien with Prof Y.Akahoshi, University of Japan and Prof Harumi, President of Hokkaido Hemp Association

During the event it was announced the start of a crowdfunding campaign for the right to use medical Cannabis as a world declaration to be free in treatment therapy choice.



The Medical Cannabis Declaration (MDC) is aiming to fund a free access platform in 10 different languages to train online patients, medical physicians and other scientists who want to learn about the medical use of Cannabis.

 Medical Cannabis Declaration

Figure 3 : Sebastien Beguerie advocating in front of all EIHA participants for medical Cannabis patient right to access in the MCD teaser,  Say yes to Cannabis !–5#/

Many frontiersmen of this cannabis industry were present at the EIHA conference.

One such pioneer, Chris Hudalla, Ph.D., Founder, and CSO of ProVerde Laboratories, gave an excellent presentation on various quantitative methods used for chemotypic profiling in the Cannabis industry.  Since many of the current technologies available to test Cannabis chemotypes are chromatographic methods,

ProVerde is currently running a cross-comparative test to measure the efficacy and accuracy of alpha-CATs thin layer chromatography (TLC) method as compared to both high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC).

These results will have a great impact on the practicality of choosing alpha-CAT for your testing needs.

Stay tuned…

To conclude on the japanese hemp here is their coming event supported by the prime minister wife pour créer le Kyoto Hemp protocole

Kyoto Hemp Forum
Figure 4:  Anndrea Hermann: Instructor at Oregon State University, President of Hemp Technologies & Hemp Industries Association;  Rohit Sherma: President of the Indian Hemp Association;  Shaun Crew: Owner/ President at Hemp Oil Canada Inc; Julie Fry: Scientific accreditation manager at Alpha-CAT; Sebastien Beguerie: Founder/CEO at Alpha-CAT; Tamar Wise: Co-Founder & CSO at Applied Botanical Sciences, Inc. and Co-Founder & Senior Partner at Plant Consulting Group, LLC. Darwin Millard: Senior Partner/Co-Founder at Plant Consulting Group, LLC and Co-Founder & Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at Applied Botanical Sciences, Inc.

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