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The importance of testing cannabis before consuming it

Importance of Testing Cannabis

The importance of testing cannabis before consuming it As cannabis has medical features, it must meet certain medical standards. These standards are regulated by international organizations to make cannabis consumption safe for people. To use cannabis in the right way, one must be aware of its strength and dosage. Besides, cannabis testing allows us to […]

CBD in women life

For millennia in eastern medicine, the hemp plant has been used to treat women’s ailments; western medicine is discovering the cannabinoids pharmacology; women are more sensitive to cannabis, more susceptible to effects, abuse dependence and relapse. CBD in women life This sexual dimorphic effect is related to estrogen secretion: gonadal hormones and the endocannabinoid system […]

Regulation and quality control for the medical cannabis industry

Our Alpha-cat test kit presented by Open Access Gouvernement. In this article it presents the Alpha-cat cannabinoid test kit as a testing solution for the cannabis industry in US, Europe and the rest of the world as a recognized standards which is robust and standardized. Regulation and quality control for the medical cannabis industry The […]

French doctor explains us endo-cannabinoid system

The Endocannabinoid System ( ECS ) has been  uncovered  about twenty years ago after the discovery of Δ9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) , its synthesis and specific mode of action (psychoactivity) ( Mechoulam 1964) ,the discovery of the cannabinoid receptors CB1 (Howlett 1986) and CB2 (Munro 1993) and the identification of the 2 ligands Anandamide (AEA Devane […]

CBG and CBD, a balance that means you well

A new combination of phyto cannabinoids devoid of psychoactive effects is starting to interest research, it is the combination of CBD and CBG. Phyto cannabinoids (molecules that are found especially in the plant Cannabis sativa L.) act on our endocannabinoid system in their own way.   CBD (cannabinol) for example, will stimulate an enzyme called […]

CBG, a new ally

CBG, or cannabigerol, is usually found in low concentrations in hemp (often less than 1%), which is why it is commonly referred to as a “minor cannabinoid”. It is therefore not surprising that cannabigerol (CBG) is not highlighted, unlike its well-known counterparts THC and CBD. Nevertheless, the more research advances the more we realize that […]

Chronic pain and cannabinoids

    Why using cannabinoids for chronic pain ? Phytocannabinoids have been extensively used throughout history for various therapeutic purposes, particularly analgesic. However, the cannabinoid circuitry is relatively young, with only 20 years since its first characterization by the pioneering studies of Raphael Mechoulam, whose discoveries conveyed these chemicals from traditional home remedies to pharmacological investigation. […]

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