CBG and CBD, a balance that means you well

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A new combination of phyto cannabinoids devoid of psychoactive effects is starting to interest research, it is the combination of CBD and CBG. Phyto cannabinoids (molecules that are found especially in the plant Cannabis sativa L.) act on our endocannabinoid system in their own way.

CBD (cannabinol) for example, will stimulate an enzyme called FAAH which is responsible for the production of endocannabinoids in the body. In case of deficiency or overproduction, it acts as a regulator.

Conversely, CBG (cannabigerol) will act directly on our receptors, the best known are CB1, CB2 and 5-HT1A.

One will focus on the key, the other on the lock and the combination of both will allow to widely open the field of possibilities and optimize their assimilation by the body. Those who praise the combination of THC and CBD do so for the same reasons because each of these two molecules has a distinct field of action and combined they allow a more global action. However, the THC molecule is completely illegal and its psychoactive effects cause many problems. This is why this new “couple” of non-psychoactive phytocannabinoids, CBD and CBG, is starting to interest scientists.

New products, new formulas!

Alpha-cat laboratories are constantly evolving, always in search of innovation in the total respect of all the actors who surround it. This is how Alpha-cat has developed two new formulas to offer you the edge of research and allow you new alternatives.

CBD :CBG oils 1:1 ratio

This new 10% concentrated oil contains on its own a perfect synergy between these two molecules. The formula offers you an equivalent ratio of 500mg CBD and 500mg CBG for a total of 1000mg available in 10ml format.

CBG oils

Available in two different concentration 4% and 10%, in a 10ml format. These CBG oils can be used alone or can be mixed to your CBD oils to vary the composition and optimize its assimilation.

Each new formula has been thoroughly studied and carefully selected to offer you the best of cannabinoids.

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  1. Vince

    Any insights into the acid forms of these compounds? I am very interested in the effectiveness of products containing some levels of all of the following: CBD, CBG, CBDa, CBGa

  2. Josh

    Very interesting. I love when people get into the science of this to help explain. Good stuff!

    1. kim bercet

      Thanks a lot for your feedback Josh, and let us know if you need any information.

      Best regards,
      Team Alpha-cAT

  3. Mac Watson

    Great explanation on CBD and CBG and their combination. Very interesting to read.

    Mac Watson

    1. kim bercet

      Hello Mac,

      Thanks a lot for your feedback. Let us know if you need any information, we remain available.

      Best regards,
      Team Alpha-cat


    Le CBD pourrait il être efficace pour les douleurs neuroathiques suite à une amputation ancienne d’un membre inférieur? Actuellement la personne est suivie par un centre anti-douleur douleur, qui lui administre des doses de Gabapentine 800 mg /jour, qui le met en état de somnolence permanent.
    Je vous remercie pour votre réponse.

    1. Jean Baptiste Vergnaud

      Contactez nous via le formulaire de contact,

  5. David

    Does CBGa need to be decarboxylated in order to be effective? Which is the compound in Alpha-cat? CBG or CBGa?

    1. Jean Baptiste Vergnaud

      CBG only

  6. Carlos Irizarry

    Hey Thanks for the information. I would like to know if possible how many drops would be needed for a person suffering from crohn’s disease.


    1. Jean Baptiste Vergnaud

      Please contact us by mail with our contact form

  7. Ellie Davis

    I really appreciate this information on CBD. I’m wanting to get some water soluble CBD oil. I’ll have to do some research and find the best place to get it.

  8. johan cruyff

    Hii, very good article, thanks! Do you know if you can buy the CBD patches in the UK as well?

    1. Jean Baptiste Vergnaud

      Please contact us by mail with our contact form

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