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Alpha-cat Certification Training Programs

Become an Alpha-cat Certified Organization

Alpha-cat works with dispensaries, cooperatives, collectives and legal cannabis growers from all over the world.

Alpha-cat TLC (Thin Layer Chromatography) cannabis testing method is being use by  several labs throughout the world.

We organize practical tutorials for Alpha-cat Quality Certification Standard, we are also able to provide on-site tutorials for private workshops, see below the different tutorials available :

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Weed Club
In this photo Sébastien was organizing the workshop at the Weed Club in Zarautz, Euskadi (Basque country) with the Weed Club team and Franco from Strain Hunters & Green House Seeds.


Tutorial Level # 1 – Cannabinoid Testing with Alpha-cat: (6 hours)*

  • 10h00-12h00 : Cannabinoid science/ current cannabinoids detection technics
  • 1 hour : Lunch break
  • 13h30-1h30 : Introduction to Alpha-cat protocol
  • 14h30-16h30 : Practical**
  • 15 minutes : Coffee break
  • 16h45-17h45 : Interpretation for certification

Tutorial Level # 2 – Cannabinoid Certification with Alpha-cat (6 hours)*

  • 10h00-12h00 : Alpha-cat certified mobile LAB/ technician certification
  • 1 hour : Lunch break
  • 13h30-14h30 : Quality control for cultivation / distribution
  • 14h30-16h30 : Certification services**
  • 15 minutes : Coffee break
  • 16h45-17h45 : Interpretation / Digital certificate

Tutorial Level # 3 – Cannabinoid Hunting with Alpha-cat (6 hours)*

  • 10h00-12h00 : Cannabis around the world
  • 1 hour : Lunch break
  • 13h30-14h30 : Cannabis biotype / Cannabinoid characterization
  • 14h30-16h30 : Cannabinoid / Terpenoid biotype characterization**
  • 15 minutes : Coffee break
  • 16h45-17h45 : Cannabinoid chemotype / «Sativa» vs « Indica »

Tutorial Level # 4 – Cannabinoid treatment with Alpha-cat : (6 hours)*

  • 10h00-12h00 : Cannabis administration routine / Endocannabinoids system
  • 1 hour : Lunch break
  • 13h30-14 h30 : Cannabinoid extraction method / dosage preparation
  • 14h30-16h30 : Testing with Alpha-cat avoiding side effects**
  • 15 minutes : Coffee break
  • 16h45-17h45 : Therapeutical effects

Become an Alpha-cat Certified Technician

Become an Alpha-cat Certified Technician

You’ll need at least one Alpha-cat MINI Test Kit / participant, they should be ordered before tutorials, contact us to established a quotation and plan a personalized Alpha-cat training session.

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Create and deliver your own Alpha-cat Certificate

After each tutorial training, you will receive a personalized Alpha-cat attendee certificate. Your certificate of attendee, will prove your testing skill to operate Alpha-cat techniques properly with correct result interpretations.The participants will be tested with an open book multiple question form, to make sure they know the fundamentals,  . A trained Alpha-cat technician is highly valuable to an organization who wants to master in house cannabis quality control.

Alpha-cat certification services can only be dispensed by an organization with an individual who have succeed, the Alpha-cat tutorial programs Level 1 and 2. In addition, it is mandatory to be equipped in house with an Alpha-cat test kit, an Alpha-cat heating device, a high precision scale ( > 0,001g), a micropipette (1ml > 1ul), a digital microscope (x600 > x200) and the 6 main cannabinoids calibration charts. (CBD, CBN, THC, THCV, CBG, CBC).

Be aware of copycat ” : We reserve the right to recall an entity who did not passed the tutorials up to Level 2, with or without the basic required equipment to issu official testing service according to the Alpha-cat testing standards.