CBD: 14%
CBN: 0.1%
THC: 23.2%
THCV: <1%
CBG: 1.6%
CBC: 0.4%


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[tab title=”Date tested”] 26/9/2013 [/tab]
[tab title=”Material”] Hashish [/tab]
[tab title=”Location”] Amsterdam [/tab]
[tab title=”Sample aspects”] Golden brown, soft consistency with sweet smell [/tab]
[tab title=”Classifications”] Type 10, hashtype, subtype 2,morrocan,pressed dry sieve hashish with CBG [/tab]
[tab title=”Therapeutical effects”] sleepy(>CBG+CBD), stoned, relaxing, typical hashish experience. CBD:THC , 1:2. Is less psychoactive, but more sedative, due to presence of CBD. Has muscle relaxing potential and reduces spasms. [/tab]