Wonder Kush

CBD: 0.8%
CBN: 0%
THC: 20.2%
THCV: 0.7%
CBG: 1.4%
CBC: 0.7%


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[tab title=”Date tested”] 29/01/2013 [/tab]
[tab title=”Material”] Dry flower [/tab]
[tab title=”Location”] Canary Islands [/tab]
[tab title=”Sample aspects”] Beautiful trichomes development, well-manicured but could have wait a few weeks later to achieved full trichomes maturation for THC maximation. [/tab]
[tab title=”Classifications”] type A (THC> 15%) drugstrains of High potent strain A-Class [/tab]
[tab title=”Therapeutical effects”] CBG indica/effector responsible for the so called ´´body/effects´´ at high dosage CBG  turns out in a “stoned”, sedative mode accompanied with a inactive state and finally into a deep sleep [/tab]
[tab title=”Notes”] strong body feeling and pain control [/tab]