logo_unodc“TLC method (used by Alpha-cat, ed.) is recommended methods for the identification and analysis of cannabis and cannabis products.”

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

logo_fundacion-canna“Alpha-cat’s testing method has shown to be a valid qualitative tool for cannabinoid detection and gives reproducible results.”

Fondation Canna

logo_jorge-cervantes“Alpha-cat provides simple test equipment in kit form that make it possible to measure the cannabinoid profile for up to 6 cannabinoids.”

Jorge Cervantes – Marijuana Growing Founder

logo_m6Alpha-cat on National French TV for the Cannabis Cup 2011.


logo_treating-yourself2nd Treating Yourself Expo, 2011 in Toronto, Canada

on YouTube Cannatest with Alpha-cat ‘s Booth

logo_high-timesOfficial Tester of the 24th (2011) and 25th (2012) High Times Cannabis Cup

in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

logo_green-houseCannatest with Alpha-cat, Testing Cannabinoids @ Greenhouse Coffeeshop

in Amsterdam, The Netherlands- 25th Cannabis cup 2012

logo_cannabis-collegeAlpha-cat,  testing @ the Cannabis College, Amsterdam, The Netherlands – 25 th Cannabis cup 2012

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