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* The Canèbe Story


Alpha-cat Hemp field
Sébastien during hemp flowers quality control

Sébastien got his inspiration from his place of birth in Marseille, France where he overstand the original name of the street « de la Canebière » which is the most popular street in Marseille. The « Canebière » street is known to be large hemp fields up until the 18th century, grown for its fiber to build ship to sail around the world. The name « Canebière » itself comes from the word « Canèbe » meaning Cannabis in Provence patois dialect in the South of France.

Hemp has been grown and used for thousands of years locally and globally for thousands of uses.

Alpha-cat PHARMA believes in Hemp potential to transit our modern civilization into a new paradigm in harmony with earth and human activity.

Our mission is to spread the true knowledge about Hemp for the benefit of the people and the planet, with innovation, promotion, education and positive vibration.

In the past years, Alpha-cat PHARMA worked on various projects to unleash the full potential of hemp by connecting tradition, nature, science and technology. We are highly involved in research and development of the hemp industry, from the seeds to finished products.


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