Cannabis conference in Berlin: ICBC 2017

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Famous personality of cannabis culture Tommy Chong. One of the conference guests | Source: ICBC

Germany is not only one of the most powerful economic players in Europe, it is also holding a leading position in research and promotion of the therapeutic use of cannabis. The main goal is to change global attitudes towards cannabis and while providing scientifically proven arguments, shifting the ideology about this plant.

Germany is also a leader in the hemp business and in the process of reforming the laws on drugs. Action ICBC Berlin was a nice example of merging the business and hemp culture. These events help to destroy the stereotypes about our field and are needed for vital existence of cannabis entrepreneurship.

We were present there, as almost on every cannabis action that tries to push boundaries on the situation in cannabis industry. The arguments of scientists, physicians, patients, promoters, businessmen and hemp culture lovers help us to grow faster & further.


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