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Chronic pain and cannabinoids

    Why using cannabinoids for chronic pain ? Phytocannabinoids have been extensively used throughout history for various therapeutic purposes, particularly analgesic. However, the cannabinoid circuitry is relatively young, with only 20 years since its first characterization by the pioneering studies of Raphael Mechoulam, whose discoveries conveyed these chemicals from traditional home remedies to pharmacological investigation. […]

Jorge Cervantes and the Alpha-cat test KIT !

Interview with the Master on the Vegas Cannabis magazine! Very interesting interview with Jorge Cervantes about the future of the cannabis industry. Answering the question: “Is there a cannabis product you would like to see on more shelves of dispensaries? And why?” Jorge Cervantes answers : “Inexpensive cannabis testing kits. One company,, makes a thin […]

Alpha-cat & CANNAhabla magazine !

Alpha-cat was honnored to make its voice heard in Spain ! We had the oppotunity to share our vision about the relation between our work and cannabis industry/community, with the famous spanish magazine CANNAhabla. CANNAhabla is a monthly magazine whose goal is to study cannabis in all its forms and inform people. The words of Sebastien […]

Cannabis conference in Berlin: ICBC 2017

  Famous personality of cannabis culture Tommy Chong. One of the conference guests | Source: ICBC Germany is not only one of the most powerful economic players in Europe, it is also holding a leading position in research and promotion of the therapeutic use of cannabis. The main goal is to change global attitudes towards cannabis and […]

CannaTech 2017 way how to accelerate cannabis innovation

CannaTech is taking place annually in the heart of innovation – the city where research and interest in hemp is developing dramatically. Tel Aviv – the capital of Israel – aims to break stereotypes and to shift conventional thinking on hemp. It is also main player in setting new trends and insights in this business. CannaTech is showing the entire spectrum of global […]

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