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Boostez votre système immunitaire avec le CBD!

Les chercheurs ont découvert que le cannabis peut affecter le système immunitaire. Alors, qui ne s’est pas posé la question de savoir si l’herbe peut également aider pour le sida ou d’autres maladies auto-immunes? Ce n’est plus un secret que le THC (tétrahydrocannabinol) et le CBD (cannabidiol) interagissent avec le système endo-cannabinoïde de notre corps […]

Regulation and quality control for the medical cannabis industry

Our Alpha-cat test kit presented by Open Access Gouvernement. In this article it presents the Alpha-cat cannabinoid test kit as a testing solution for the cannabis industry in US, Europe and the rest of the world as a recognized standards which is robust and standardized. Regulation and quality control for the medical cannabis industry The […]

Comparison of Cannabis Testing Methods for Determining Cannabinoid Potency Profiles including THC and CBD

  In the world of legal Cannabis, regulation of the plant and plant derivatives are becoming ever more stringent.  This is a good thing, but what does it mean, exactly?  Now, any company who wants continued success on the legal Cannabis landscape must adhere to strict testing policies concerning potency, composition, and contaminants.  Now, you […]