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Marijuana may be consumed in a variety of ways. That is, if you divide the various approaches by the instrument employed. It may be smoked, vaporized, eaten, drank, and even rubbed on your skin. We’ve compiled a list of fifteen various methods to ingest cannabis. Which of these have you tried? Which of them is your favorite?

15 Different Ways to Consume Marijuana

1. Dabbing

Call it wax or shatter or dabs – either way, you’re smoking – or vaping, likely – cannabis concentrates. You can purchase a dab nail or a specialized rig to vape these awesome concentrates – or you can buy a vape pen with a tank especially created for concentrates. Either way, you’re getting more bang for your buck than with simple buds.

2. Glass Pipes

A good piece of glass is something that no stoner should be without. Glass pipes are almost synonymous with stoner culture – and some of them are works of art. An art show in Philadelphia is dedicated to glass pipes, bongs, and rigs, one of which boasts a worth of $250,000.

3. Bongs

Water or gravity bongs, bongs are another tool in the possession of most stoners. Bongs are another popular marijuana consumption tool because they allow water or ice to be placed in the bottom to chill the hit of smoke.

4. Joints

The rolled marijuana cigarette – the joint – is the most commonly associated with stoners. It’s great for on-the-go, but don’t just toss the roaches in the ashtray. Break them up again for another joint or into a bowl.

5. Edibles

“Pot Brownies” or “Space Cakes” are popular names for this oft-used method of ingesting cannabis. Though, it is not limited to cookies or brownies anymore. Marijuana butter can be used to make anything from bread to pizza dough – the sky’s the limit with cannabis.

Other great ways to ingest cannabis include taking CBD capsules, and CBD oil.

6. Pen/Mod Vapes

Vape pens and mods now come with cartridges that are one-time use as well as those that can handle dry herbs, oils, and other concentrates. More subtle than a joint, it’s just as portable. And there’s less of that tell-tale smell when you vape your cannabis.

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7. Oil Rigs

Also known as dab rigs, these look a lot like your typical water bong. Except there’s a dab nail or chamber that must be heated to release the vapors for you to inhale. They can be clunky because there are moving parts that you have to maneuver.

8. Chewing Gum

A lot like the nicotine chewing gum that is popular among people trying to quit smoking – AXIM Biotech is researching the potential for time-release THC chewing gum. It will deliver both THC and CBD (THC, is responsible for the high that comes from ingesting marijuana, whereas CBD is responsible for many of the healing effects) – but without the psychoactive effects.

9. Drinks

Cannabis has been brewed into teas for centuries. Now, however, it’s going to the next level with THC and CBD-infused sodas, fruit juices, and coffees – which are conveniently available in a K-cup for your Keurig.

10. 99% concentrated THC Crystals

It seems to be an expensive fad, but people are snorting this type of nearly pure THC. We don’t recommend snorting it, but sprinkling some on top of your bowl or joint will get you much, much higher.

11. Hookah

What’s marijuana if it’s not shared with friends? Originally used to smoke tobacco with friends, hookahs have a bowl up top and from one to several pipes that can be drawn from as the herbs are lit.

12. Eating raw marijuana

While this might get you buzzed, it’s not recommended. Heat is essential to the cannabinoids being released.   However, too much heat and you just carbonize the cannabinoids you want. Eating it raw is one of the slowest methods to feeling better. Edibles have at least been exposed to heat (usually in the baking process) so the cannabinoids are released.

13. Topical solutions

CBD oils are making an appearance in homeopathic remedies for arthritis, sore muscles, and strained ligaments. The patient applies the ointment directly to the affected area and obtains relief.

CBD-infused cosmetics are also quickly gaining traction. Besides moisturizing skin, they’re also known to help relieve atopic dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis.

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14. Suppository

Medicine-infused suppositories have been around for centuries. However, cannabis-infused suppositories are now helping patients with Multiple Sclerosis and other diseases where nausea is a factor. Reportedly, this method of ingestion allows the body to do what it needs and get relief from the cannabis – without the psychoactive and other side effects.

15. Desktop Vaporizer

We separated this from pen and mod vapes because it is a different method – technically – of ingestion. Instead of drawing straight from a mouthpiece – a desktop vaporizer is used to fill a balloon, which is then inhaled from.   You can also draw from plastic tubes, called whips, making the experience somewhat like a hookah.

Final Thoughts

There you have it. 15 popular methods of smoking or ingesting marijuana. While we have probably left a few methods out, we’ve covered a good number of them. Which is your favorite way to ingest your THC?

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