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Harvest Fest

During the Annual Czech Trade show called Cannafest, the magazine Legalizace will be hosting the HarvestFest 2016. The party will be held during the weekend on Saturday November 12th, stops over at La Fabrika club, where the event will take place.

The Hemp Harvest Festival

This first year of HarvestFest, it will be the opportunity to meet and celebrate the harvest,  in the spirit of Czech harvest tradition and ritual of burning herbs to give thanks for the fruits of this year’s gardening season. It will be in a chill atmosphere with dance and music band live performance.

The Vapolounge

In vapolounge you will have the opportunity to try vaporization, specifically luxury table Volcano vaporizers, Verdamper, Arizer or VapirRise. On top there will be Ital vaporization initiation in the tradition of Rastafari in Jamaica. Our team will introduce visitors to the basic principles of vaporization and explain why this method is much safer and healthier than other methods of inhalation of herbs.

Petition for the legalization of Cannabis in Czech Republic

At the event we will support the petition for legalization “samopěstování” and possession of cannabis, which is supported by  Legalizace.cz opposing the current legislation prohibition of cannabis. You will have the chance to sign on the spot and call for political representation of the country to change punitive laws and ask for a regulated Cannabis industry for the Freedom to Farm.

Cannabinoid testing Education workshop

Alpha-cat will be giving cannabinoid testing to the participant to inform the Czech cannabis enthusiast about the potency of their new harvest and adivce on its use according to its THC, CBD and other cannabinoids content. We welcome all  Ganja lover and Herbalist to join us during this beautiful gathering event in the magic city of Prague the hometown of Alchemist and Herbalist Revival.

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