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For patients and even for physicians, it always comes to an issue when it’s time to deal with how to dose CBD and how to begin with correct dosing in relation to our condition. Here a few tips to help you through this journey!

Dosage Guideline

Despite those difficulties and thanks to Dr Dustin Sulak and Project CBD, a dosage guideline was realized to help canabinoid’s users through the journey :

Source: Project CBD (COR) Serving Standard is 25 mg of CBD taken twice a day. They also recommend that you try increasing dosage every 3-4 week by 25 mg until symptom relief.

According to CannLabs, the nation’s top full-service testing lab for cannabis products, there is no established lethal CBD doses.

The only restriction we have found is about treating glaucoma. It is said that a single dose of 20-40 mg under the tongue is enough. Doses greater than 40 mg may actually increase eye pressure.

Biphasic Effect

Cannabidiol has biphasic properties and may not produce the desired effect if the dose consumed is too high or too low. According to John Hicks : “The CBD response is biphasic, exhibiting alertness at lower doses and sedative actions at higher doses.” Research published by reports that patients who received only 15 mg of CBD reported feeling more clear-minded and alert. On the other hand, patients receiving 600 mg doses of cannabidiol reported feeling more sedated.

Here a visual example of biphasic effect on inflammatory response :

Here the link to a study in neuropsychopharmacology, on biphasic effects of cannabinoids in anxiety responses.

Finding your sweet spot takes time and patience. Because you are unique, your CBD dosage has to be unique too. It is important to know your body, to know why you are using CBD and what is your goal to achieve.

Different methods of use


Under the tongue: considered one of the quickest ways to feel the effects (between 5 and 20 minutes). Also popular due to its measurability, which leads to consistent dosing.

In capsules: method is tasteless and has very good measurability too. It takes longer for capsules to act compared to the sublingual way. Capsules are often used as a background treatment and have a longer duration.


Balms, cream, ointment… applied on targeted areas for the relief of pain and inflammation.


Takes much longer to feel the effects (between half an hour and 2 hours). Known for their long duration due to the slow way nutrients are digested and absorbed into the bloodstream.

Alpha-cat we came up with an infographic which sums up a few things about CBD, some examples of why you should try it and a summary table to help you define how, to begin with your dosage :


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  2. Fabio

    Hola cuantos miligramos entran en una gota del gotero dosificador q trae el envase .?
    La estoy usando para tratar mi fibromialgia,de forma sublingual.
    Gracias por su ayuda

    1. kim bercet

      Hello Fabio,

      My apologies, I can just answer you in English, hope you can read. There is 2mg of CBD by drope (in our oil) and 30 mg CBD in each capsule (for our capsule’s product). Do not forget to take those dropes during a meal. Hope I have answered your question, do not hesitate if you have others, I’m at your disposal.

      Wish you a great day

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      Team Alpha-cat

  3. Olivier

    Bonjour pouvez vous me dire la différence entre une huile Raw et gold?
    Une Raw pour le medical et une gold pour la relaxation (petite dose effets dynamique et grosses doses effets sédatifs).
    Merci beaucoup

  4. Penelope Smith

    This is some really good information about cannabis dosage for certain treatments. My mother has been thinking about using cannabis to help with her inflammation. It is good to know that her dosage will need to get around a medium dose to give her to best effects.

    1. kim bercet

      Thank you for your feedback Penelope. Do not hesitate to come back to us if you have any question and feel free to tell us how is it going with your mother.

      Have a nice day.
      Kind regards,

      Team Alpha-cat

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