Aromatic Vanilla 2000mg CBD Oil 30ml Spray

Each 30ml bottle contains MCT oil, natural coconut caprylic acid (Coco Nucifera), with 2000mg of CBD “Broad Spectrum” from Cannabis sativa L (Hemp). Natural vanilla flavor.


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MCT and CBD oil is the perfect match

CBD (cannabidiol) allows the body to regulate and rebalance its internal environment (homeostasis). Our body is filled with different functions such as sleep, appetite, pain and the immune system. Therefore, CBD interacts perfectly with our nervous system endocannabinoid receptors, providing relaxing effects, strengthening the immune system and reducing uncomfortable symptoms. MCT oil stands for “medium-chain triglyceride”, a fatty substance produced from a process called “fractionation” which consists in separating fatty acids according to their molecular mass and which makes it possible to formulate a custom oil. This oil is used in the case of behavioral disorders, it also prevents obesity and provides an instant source of energy. Since CBD is a fat-soluble compound, MCT oil mainly composed of fatty acids in oil form allows better absorption and diffusion of CBD into the bloodstream.

Benefits of MCT Oil

In addition to faster assimilation, the combination of CBD and MCT promotes falling asleep and ensures quality sleep.

This blend provides an instant source of energy, soothes stress, helps you relax relaxation and put you in a good mood.

On top of this, MCT oil has a neutral taste which makes it perfect in association with natural aromatic flavor to make your daily usage a pure joy of a healthy and tasty CBD oil to start your day in the best possible condition.

CBD MCT Oil with tasty aroma

Alpha-Cat has chosen 3 special flavors to make your CBD oil delicious, Vanilla, Lemon and Mint.


It gives a sweet taste and pleasant feeling in the mouth after uptake. It acts as a stimulant, and it helps with spasm and hysteria. It has been added to foods to reduce the amount of sugar needed for sweetening and is said to curb the development of dental caries. Duke 1985


It gives a citrus taste to fresh up your CBD oil uptake. Early research shows that the scent of lemon might reduce blood pressure and stress, and possibly help heart activity. A small study shows that placing a lemon essential oil on a cotton ball and inhaling the scent might reduce nausea.


It gives an herbal fresh taste leaving you with a feeling of being energized. Studies support the use of mint oil to help for a range of gastrointestinal conditions, including indigestion, stomach issues. The review found that mint can work against harmful microbes, regulates muscle relaxation.

Daily advice and dosages

Shake well before use. Take 1 to 10 sprays per day. The oil produces its effects within 30 to 40 minutes after taking it. Take during the day to calm down or at bedtime to ensure a good night’s sleep. Common practice is 1 mg of CBD per kilogram of body weight per day. A 2000mg CBD oil spray contains approximately 10mg of CBD.

Our CBD oils are based on natural MCT oil from coconut. MCT Oil is composed of Medium Chain Triglycerides, our hemp nectar comes from plants grown naturally in respect of the environment and without THC!

A spray equal to approximately 10mg CBD

Certificate of Analysis

MCT Oil Spray Vanilla Certificate of Analysis MCT Oil Spray Vanilla Certificate of Analysis



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