CBD Calming Body Cream (50 ml)

A 50ml bottle of CBD body cream. Contains 7% hemp seed oil, hemp flower water and 0.5% CBD.


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CBD calming body cream with a hemp plant combination.

This emulsion is efficient to reduce sebum production and guides your skin to a balanced state. With regular use it refines the appearance of pores and restores calm to inflamed skins.

The raw hemp seed oil takes very good care of your skin thanks to its balance between omega 3&6 and its non-comedogenic properties (free from pore-blocking ingredients) which clean your pores.

CBD calming body cream is ideal for people who are looking for the purest possible ingredients. It is absorbed easily and leaves a satin feeling on your skin.

Who is CBD Calming Body Cream for?

Teens or adults with skin problems: sensitive skin, acne, blackheads, skin with large open pores.

CBD Body Cream is ideal for daily application as well as before and after athletic activity to refresh your skin.

Key Ingredients of CBD Calming Body Cream

7 % Raw Hemp seed oil Cannabis – rehydrating
Full-spectrum CBD
Hemp flower water/Hydrolate – Anti-oxydant
Lemonene – cooling, anti-inflammatory

What to expect from using CBD Calming Body Cream?

Aroma: Lemon nutty
Product texture: medium-light cream
Skin feel: hydrated, cooling and distressed

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