CBN Calibration Chart (Cannabinoid Ruler)

The CBN Calibration Chart or Cannabinoid Ruler lets you measure the accurate percentage of cannabinol in your sample.


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The Alpha-cat Calibration Chart or Cannabinoid Ruler

Essential tool for measuring the cannabinoid concentration found on your Thin Layer Chromatography Test. To be able to measure the accurate percentage of the 6 Main Cannabinoids that Alpha-cat Test kit can detect, one will need the calibration ruler for each cannabinoid to size the diameter of the corresponding cannabinoid spot appearing on the TLC test plate.

These calibration charts are unique development of Alpha-cat which took years of research and development to make them accurate and be the standard which make Alpha-cat cannabinoid test kit so special and better than any of the other TLC Test Kits on the market today. In each test kit the CBD and THC cannabinoid ruler is given, additionally you can buy the 4 other ones to measure the % of the secondary cannabinoids such as Cannabinol (CBN), Tetrahydrocannabivarine (THCV), Cannabigerol (CBG), Cannabichromene (CBC). Buy your CBN Calibration chart now!

CBN Calibration Charts

CBN Calibration Charts were developed using pure reference standards of each cannabinoid and image analysis. For each cannabinoid CBD, THC, CBN, CBG, CBC, THCV. The CBN calibration chart was obtained for each cannabinoid by making each range of concentration test from 1% to 20%. From the results obtained on the TLC plate, picture analysis was taking in account to measure its linear regression. The image analysis was made from number of pixel plot on the surface area of the appearing spot.

The results obtained have shown a perfect regression line which enable us to draw the calibration chart that we have validated to gain accurate measurement of the cannabinoid concentration from the 6 cannabinoids that the Alpha-cat Test Kit can detect. This research and development make our TLC Cannabinoid Test kit the Most Reliable TLC Test Kit on the market. The way to measure each cannabinoid spot is by sizing the spot horizontally between the 2 line of the rulers, the exact sizing will give the results. Even though the CBN calibration chart stop at 20%, there is the possibility to Test Up To 100% by making a simple dilution and using a multiplication factor as described on our page on the link below.


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