Pure CBD Crystals with 99.5% Cannabidiol Purity (500mg / 1000mg)


Pure CBD crystals extracted from organic hemp. Available in 500mg and 1000 mg. Must be refrigerated.

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CBD Crystals is a 99.5% pure CBD (cannabidiol) product, the finest form of extraction found today. It is made of organic hemp extraction and crystallized in our Lab, using most advanced separation technique to guarantee our CBD purity of 99.5%.

Pure CBD Crystals can be compared to icing sugar, and its fine texture makes it extremely easy to add to your cannabinoid diet as an ingredient.

CBD Crystals contains absolutely NO THC (0% THC). The CBD is pure and will give users an easy and light feeling while remaining clear-headed and attentive.

Pure CBD Crystals require refrigeration.

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