Alpha-cat & CANNAhabla magazine !

Alpha-cat was honored to make its voice heard in Spain!

We had the oppotunity to share our vision about the relation between our work and cannabis industry/community, with the famous Spanish magazine CANNAhabla.

CANNAhabla is a monthly magazine whose goal is to study cannabis in all its forms and inform people.

The words of Sebastien Beguerie, Alpha-cat’s director :
“Cannabis users are becoming experts themselves in understanding their relation to their Cannabis consumption in looking for different effects and varying ways to evolve to a healthier living style.

We are now entering in a new Cannabis paradigm, with an increased connoisseur demand of Cannabis derivate (Cannabinoid oil, Cannabinoid Capsules, Edibles,  et caetera…).

This is why, I want Alpha-cat to help to guarantee quality product for the best appreciation, effect and experience of today’s finest herbal product.

We want to bring safe, high quality and innovative products to all herbalists who either medicate and/or enjoy the Cannabis alchemy whether they are trekking in nature, dancing in a festival, or relaxing at home.

Our vision is to increase awareness in using cannabis and responsibly assist Herbal Natural Cannabis consumption to combine harm reduction with full pleasure.” 

You can check on the comparative study for the quantification of THC, CBD and CBN, on CANNA! Right here

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