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  1. Amy Robinson

    Hi there, I bought the mini kit and tried to test my cannaoil. I watched the video, followed the instructions, and it didn’t show up quite as well as the video one. I dipped it in the tray just as shown but I’m wondering if there wasn’t enough of the testing material on the plate? Is there an easier way to get it on the plate? The capillary and tubes are not very effective and I’m nervous to use my last plate as I don’t have the funds now to buy more tests. Please can you help me to figure out a better way to get drop/drops onto the plate? Thank you!

    1. Jack

      Hello Amy. Sorry for our late reply. I will give you some information to test your canna oil. For the capillary you need to be patient and do the process gently. Moreover, in order to test oil, you need to make simple calculation to apply a slightly different procedure as describe in this link:

      Ex: For oil & concentrate, we recommend to use 40 mg of sample with 1 uL of our test fluid before applying on the plates and multiply the result given by our ruler by 5. Be sure to have a proper scale that can be able to measure with a high precision to weight a minimum of 1mg (0.001g). All our kits come with all components and a manual.You can detect the main 6 cannabinoids and you will have calibration charts needed to quantify CBD and THC. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Kind regards.

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