THC Testing: Establishing Protocol for International Growers

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Back in January this year, we were at the Rebel Salute and organising the first Cannabis conversion at Nanook. Sebastien returned from Jamaica (JA) with a wonderful connection and great energy to help the Rastafari community. Sebastien has been very active in supporting the Rastafari mouvement in JA on building the foundation of Ital Herb Sacrament certification methodology to grow on large scale production, the I-tal way, to ensure integrity and attention of the International public about JA future economy and the Sacramental use of Ganja as the healing of the Nations!

Alpha-cat and Sebastien has supported and acting to promote the traditional sacramental use of Ganja with the Ital Steam Chalice, winner of the Best Product 2015 by the High Times.

Figure 1: Seba, Joan, lheb

Alpha-cat lab supporting the grass roots movement, taking place on the Island lead by the youth of Kingston who gathered at the Nanook community for another Cannabis conversation center for 420 day.
Instagram: @Nanookonline Cannabis Conversations

The movement of JA people on Ganja is being see as the Herbalist Revival. Recently alphaCAT lab as held a skype training for the first running testing digitally worldwide connected. Joan Webley the founder and owner of the Nanook. She gathered some of the brightest JA Herbalists to her center, like Varun Baker founder of Ganjagram,Ras Kahleb SeleassieZion Ites, Maxine Gawron, and Peter Gordon.

During the testing everyone was very kind and executed the step by step testing protocol with great success, as seen in the images, with well-defined THC spots.

From Left to right: Zion Ites, Joan, Varun, Kahleb, Jakub and Maxine

It was a very exciting testing session which finished with a Steam chalice ceremony to ease out the hard work that took place.

Testing Protocol to Growing Partnership

Now it is time for Sebastien and Alpha-cat lab to go back to Jamaica to establish testing and quality control on a more practical basis for the day to day Cannabis community from production, manufacturing derivate to distribution.
During his trip, Sebastien will be meeting board member of the Cannabis Licence Authority of Jamaica, Westmoreland Hemp Ganja Farmer Association and the Ganja Future Grower and Producer Association. This will take place in Negril, Westmorland and Kingston.

Ultimately, during this trip, Sebastien will establish an R&D project on Ital growing method in collaboration with Ras Bobby Morgan Managing director at Orange Hill Industry and the UTECH university

Sebastien is going for a full month and we will keep updating weekly on this wonderful collaboration project to offer exclusive insight of the rising up of the Ganja industry in Jamaica.

Stay tuned

Jah guidance and Protection

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