Welcome to Spannabis Champions Cup 2017!

10th of the March 2017. The very first day of Spannabis fair is dedicated to special event XII Spannabis Champions Cup. Alpha-cat is proud sponsor, so we’re glad to bring you more information about it.

Strains are categorized in five different groups – Extractions, Resins, Interior Hydroponics, Interior Bio, Exterior – then we get 5 winners of the competition. You can go easily through the list of winners/strains from previous years of Spannabis Champions Cup.

Xosé F. Barge is writing in his article on “Cannabis Cups” about the differences for each category, that are important factors in judging the concrete sample: “When we grow indoors over a certain period of time, we start to get a clearer picture of the differences between, say, a strain grown hydroponically and one grown in soil; between chemical, mineral and organic fertilizers; between a cannabis grown in extreme situations such as high temperatures and one grown in optimal conditions; between a perfectly clean weed and another that’s not so clean; between a long variety..etc.”

  Source: Official website of Spannabis Champions Cup

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