CBD: 0%
CBN: <0.1%
THC: 19%
THCV: 0%
CBG: 0.8%
CBC: <0.1%


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[tab title=”Date tested”] 14/11/2013 [/tab]
[tab title=”Material”] Dry flowers [/tab]
[tab title=”Location”] Amsterdam [/tab]
[tab title=”Sample aspects”] Dark green colour with pungent pine smell. Amber trichomes present [/tab]
[tab title=”Classifications”] type A (THC> 15%) drugstrains of High potent strain A-Class [/tab]
[tab title=”Therapeutical effects”] THCV/CBG <1 = activated stone effector, body feeling with mental dream state. This strain would act like a sedative with good physical pain relief [/tab]