Cannabis Testing Training (Thin Layer Chromatography) including Certification

Cannabis testing training is available for 150 Euro per hour. The training gives you a better understanding of Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC), so you can produce your own cannabinoid analysis certificate.


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The individual training is designed to assist Alpha-cat’s users in Cannabis Testing on Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) with an insight on quality control management based on cannabinoids science. You learn how to use the Alpha-cat web app database to produce your own Cannabinoid analysis certificate.

By requesting an individual support, you will have the chance to be directly in touch with Sebastien, the founder of Alpha-cat. He will guide you personally on the following subject:

  • Understanding Alpha-cat testing method.
  • Supporting on the testing procedure.
  • Helping in the results interpretation.
  • Upload your results in the Alpha-cat web app.
  • Creating your own Cannabinoid analysis certificate.

One hour of intense personal Cannabis Testing Training will bring you to Level 1 of the Alpha-cat Certified Technician program.

People who have already attended to the individual Cannabis Testing Training, will be able to pass our Level 1 program by filling up successfully,  Level 1′ s form with its multiple choice questions. Then each trained tester could directly access to the Level 2 training (see Certifications and Training for more information).

Cannabis Testing Training is equal to one full hour training or support session.

Following your order of our Cannabis Testing Training  we will contact you within the next 24h to plan an appropriate time with you.


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